Watch Bungie Reveal the ‘New Era of Destiny 2’ Right Here: Shadowkeep, Free to Play, and More

Season of Opulence may have just launched (and we love it), but Bungie’s already pulling back the curtain on what comes next in Destiny 2. Today at 10 am PT, Bungie will be holding a live stream not only to reveal the next major expansion, but also to detail some fundamental changes to the game itself now that the studio is independent of Activision.

You can watch the reveal on Twitch below.

If the Twitch embed isn’t working, you can watch directly on Twitch, view it on Mixer, or check it out on YouTube. Bungie’s making sure it is covering the full gamut of services so that anyone and everyone can get eyes on.

Despite the reveal being today, a bunch of stuff has already leaked out about the next chapter and new era of Destiny 2. First came a datamined reveal of the title of the next expansion, called Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Then we got a leak about cross save functionality, however it looks like PS4 owners might get left out of that one. This will also come with a Google Stadia launch for the game. Finally, there was news that Destiny 2’s base year one experience will go free to play, with new expansions and Eververse cosmetics being the primary revenue driver for the company.

A lot of these leaks and details are scattershot, so I’m pretty eager to see how Bungie puts it all together. We also don’t have a lot of details on Shadowkeep right now, but that’s sure to change in the next couple of hours. After today’s live stream, Bungie will be attending the E3 Coliseum with Geoff Keighley to talk additional details, so you can look out for that next week.

It’s a pretty formative time for Bungie as it finds its footing post-Activision. The details revealed today will set the foundation for the future of the franchise, so don’t miss the stream.

What do you think of the next era of Destiny 2?