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Destiny 2 May Be Getting Cross-Platform Saves According to a Leak, But Maybe Not on PS4

It might still be a step removed from Raiding with your friends that play on PC, but it looks like Destiny 2 will finally be getting cross-saves among the different platforms. This news comes by way of a leak courtesy of a datamine on the most recent update, the same datamine that uncovered the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion that is expected to be announced tomorrow.

Ginsor, one of the most prominent Destiny dataminers, tweeted out the image below and said “It looks like ‘Cross Saving’ will be announced tomorrow for Destiny 2.” The image appears to be the in-game asset for cross saves.

Destiny 2 cross save cross platform save

Destiny 2 cross save is something that players have been asking for for a long time. With all of the data stored in the cloud and no actual save data right on your console, many players presumed that the solution should be simple to allow for players to migrate their characters and progress among platforms. Most people presumed that Sony was behind the block, as it was also the main barrier in many other games not having cross-play. Now that Sony has started to adopt a much more open policy towards cross-play and working with the competition for a unified gaming space, it makes sense that we are seeing this move.

Adding to this report, Kotaku confirmed a few of these details through anonymous sources, adding that Destiny 2 will be coming to Google Stadia (which will also support cross-save), though the PS4’s inclusion in this is still “up in the air.” It makes sense as a smooth onboarding for people to Google Stadia. If I can load up Destiny 2 in a Chrome browser from anywhere, complete with all of my progress, it makes a pretty compelling case for me to try out the Stadia platform, given that I am not leaving any of my progress behind. That is, assuming PS4 is included within these plans. With massive games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare set to launch with cross-play among platforms, it certainly puts the pressure on Sony and developers to allow this kind of platform openness, so hopefully PS4 not yet being “confirmed” in the leak is just a brief hiccup.

Apparently, all of this will be announced tomorrow, with Bungie revealing the “new era of Destiny 2“—which we know now is the Shadowkeep expansion coming this fall—shortly after Google holds its own informational stream regarding more Stadia details. Expect to hear lots more about this during those streams.