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Prepare for ‘The Next Chapter’ of Destiny 2 With a Reveal Next Month

It’s true, E3 2019 is less than two weeks away. Yet, Bungie doesn’t seem content to wait that long to reveal “The Next Chapter” of Destiny 2. In fact, Destiny players will know what’s next in store for the sequel in just a few days’ time. According to a recent post on Bungie’s official Twitter page, details about the new phase of Destiny 2 will go live on June 6th at 10 AM PST.

Check out the post from Bungie in the tweet below:

For now, there are no hints as to what Bungie has planned for the June 6th reveal. Interestingly, even fans seem at somewhat of a loss. Is another expansion on the cards? Maybe, just maybe, a long-awaited feature like cross-play is finally ready for the green light? It’s honestly anyone’s guess.

Whatever the studio has up its sleeve is sure to draw the attention of even non-fans of the series. After all, if this “Next Chapter” does indeed lead to a new update, it will mark the first big Destiny update since Bungie’s departure from Activision. Naturally, many are curious how the studio manage things while simultaneously self-publishing. As evidenced by the tweet above, the wait to find out isn’t long.

On top of anticipating the continued evolution of Destiny 2, Destiny enthusiasts are also looking forward to the next phase of the franchise overall. What will a Destiny 3 have to offer when the time for another sequel finally comes? Several months ago, a few rumors posited that emphasis will be further placed on the series’ RPG mechanics. If there’s any veracity to these claims, Bungie hasn’t said. However, fans have a wish list of their own, hoping to see fantasy explored a little more in Destiny’s aesthetic and lore.

Destiny 2 is out now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Bungie on Twitter via ResetEra]