Box Art Seems to Leak G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout Game

Our favorite 80s toys turned cartoons may be experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in gaming. A new Transformers title is on the way, now it appears G.I. Joe will soon get another shot at the interactive medium, courtesy of publisher GameMill Entertainment. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One box art recently leaked online, suggesting that something called G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is preparing to storm store shelves. And no, it’s not another movie tie-in.

G.I. Joe-dedicated website HissTank stumbled across the box art via a post from Instagram user A Nerdy Dad. The art in question appears on game cases for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both of which boast a ‘T’ for ‘Teen’ age rating from the ESRB. All of this seems to indicate this particular G.I. Joe adventure is imminent.

Get a good look at the box art for G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout below:

gi joe operation blackout game

gi joe operation blackout game

As you can see from the finer print at the bottom of one image, there’s more to this alleged leak than meets the eye. On the Xbox One art specifically, a tag reads: “Xbox One Game Playable on Xbox Series X.” Naturally, this hints that Operation Blackout will makes it way to next-gen hardware. No such tag is present on the PS4 box art, however.

Apparently, details about the project have been circulating online for several weeks. Earlier this month, HissTank reported news of the aforementioned ‘T’ rating. In late June, a listing popped up via the Australian ratings board. HissTank further claims Operation Blackout is due to release this October. In addition to PS4 and Xbox One, a Nintendo Switch version is in the works.

The art and logo suggests the new game takes inspiration from G.I. Joe Classified Series, Hasbro’s newest line of figures for the franchise. Hopefully, more official details will surface soon.

[Source: A Nerdy Dad on Instagram, HissTank via GamingBolt]