21 Years Has Done a Lot for Resident Evil 2, so Come See Its Differences

Resident Evil 2 is an interesting game, featuring lots of hidden items and subtleties that you may miss on your initial play-through. Even if you did see and do everything, the original Resident Evil 2 came out 21 years ago in 1998, so it might not be fresh on your mind. Aside from that, you may not want to go back to it, for fear it doesn’t hold up as well today. It’s not a bad game—in fact, it’s fantastic. There are just some aspects that may feel outdated and are difficult to go back to, especially after the over 20 games released since then. Enter 2019’s Resident Evil 2!

Resident Evil 2’s Rising from the Dead

Now that the remake of Resident Evil 2 is finally out, we’ve gotten to sink our teeth into the incredible world Capcom has created for us. It’s similar enough to the original to feel familiar, yet includes numerous changes to make it feel fresh. Obviously, with Resident Evil 2 being an original PSOne game, you’ll notice that the remake includes some noticeable changes to the visuals, AI, and sounds, all of which are worth discussing.

In addition to those improvements, there are countless changes made to the remake that you may not immediately notice. These are simple things like the layout of the police station, the location of items, or even story. Such details details come to mind, but those differences only scratch the surface. There are many changes made that give the remake a sense of modernity, outside of mere aesthetics. The way it feels has been drastically improved, and it actually controls like a game you’d play today.

After recently revisiting the original Resident Evil 2, the differences between it and the remake are fresh on my mind, and there are a lot of things that stick out. Keep in mind, this list will feature general differences between the two and won’t focus on specific story aspects or anything that might be considered a spoiler. I will be referring to the 2019 version as RE2 to avoid confusion, since the two games share the same name.

Here are some notable differences between Resident Evil 2 and RE2. Please enjoy.

Sure, there are many things that are kept the same between the two, like the foundation of the story, the characters, and the overall vibe and themes of the game. But it’s the differences that make 2019’s Resident Evil 2 stand apart from the original, giving it its own personality and identity. Hopefully, the success of the remake will lead Capcom to give a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.