American McGee Is ‘Hard at Work’ on the Art and Story for Alice 3, Alice: Asylum

Alice: Madness Returns hit store shelves in June 2011. Since then, very little has been said about the franchise’s potential third entry. However, designer American McGee did reveal in late 2017 that he’d begun work on a proposal for series publisher Electronic Arts. Now, it appears fans may finally receive another chance at wandering through the madness with Alice. Currently, McGee is “hard at work” on conceptualizing the third adventure, Alice: Asylum.

This news emerged via McGee’s official blog, where a post provided an overview of the present state of things. According to the blog post, McGee is “hard at work on design, art, and story for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures.” Apparently, the next installment, Alice: Asylum, has been envisioned as a prequel that will “present the story before American McGee’s Alice, with young Alice fighting through the trauma of losing her family.”

For now, concrete details concerning production and the like remain under wraps. But McGee has treated fans to logo key art for Alice: Asylum, which is pictured below:

american mcgee alice

Additionally, there are a few ways fans can support the project’s pre-production. This, of course, includes the usual gestures of subscribing to mailing lists, following the artist on social media, and purchasing merchandise. Fans can also lend their support through Patreon, where McGee will offer unique rewards for backers, and post art and design updates.

When American McGee will have more details to share about Alice: Asylum remains to be seen. As such, this entry in the series is probably many years out from its release.

[Source: American McGee’s Blog via PC Gamer]