Experience Tactical Stealth Game Attack of the Earthlings’ Dark Humor on Consoles This Spring

Indie developer and publisher Wales Interactive has announced that its tactical stealth title, Attack of the Earthlings, will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 5, 2019. This announcement comes about a year after the game’s original PC release in February 2018.

As is common practice, the news was accompanied by a brand-new trailer for the game. Check it out below:

With Attack of the Earthlings, the typical alien invasion narrative is flipped on its head. Instead of playing as Earth forces trying to defend against an alien attack, players take on the role of aliens defending their planet from invading humans. In essence, it’s XCOM in reverse, which seems doubly apparent due to Attack of the Earthlings‘ tactical stealth and turn-based gameplay.

There’s a narrative to the game, as well. Players control an insectoid race of aliens, the Swarmers, as they move to extinguish Earth’s Galactoil Corporation from their planet. Throughout the campaign, players will have to build their Swarmer army by consuming human enemies. Doing so collects biomass, “fleshy currency” that can be used to level up foot soldiers and turn grunts into elite combatants with unique skills.

Attack of the Earthlings’ dark comedic spin on an age-old conceit doesn’t merely begin and end with the premise. Apparently, the game is filled with odd, off-beat turns. For instance, one circumstance will have players attending a birthday party of some kind.

Wales Interactive has a bevy of titles under its belt, many of which have landed on the PlayStation 4. These include Don’t Knock Twice, a horror game with PSVR functionality, the supernatural FMV title The Shapeshifting Detective, and much more.

[Source: Gematsu, Wales Interactive]