Dreams Beta Extended and Update Coming at the End of February

After years of being in development, Media Molecule’s Dreams seems to finally be gaining the attention it deserves. The team released a private beta for the community to try, giving them the tools they’d need to dive into the vast and infinite world of Dreams, garnering much praise and recognition. Now, Media Molecule has a couple more surprises for us, including extending the beta to February 5, 2019 until 5 pm GMT (12 pm EST).

Initially, the beta was supposed to run until February 4th, but Media Molecule has graciously given us a bit more time. In addition to that, it mentioned that it’ll be giving us a Dreams update on February 20, 2019. Could this be when we finally get a release date? Perhaps. It’s easy to want to jump to that conclusion, so we’ll have to see.

When the Dreams beta first launched, players were discouraged from sharing anything pertaining to the beta, but after the massive influx of users doing it anyway, the NDA was lifted. We have since seen amazing creations, like sections of Dead Space, P.T., and even The Legend of Zelda.

Media Molecule has been really good at keeping up with the community and keeping us in the loop about their upcoming game. It frequently holds livestreams that show off what you can do in Dreams, which is exactly what it needs.

If you’re in the beta now, you get a little more time to play around with the creation tools. Media Molecule will be taking player feedback very seriously and will hopefully be implementing changes for the final release. It announced that over 15,000 things had been published in the Dreamiverse, so it probably has a ton of feedback to take into consideration.

Have you created anything you’d like us to see? What do you think will be discussed on February 20th? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Media Molecule Blog]