Here’s Our First Look at the Anthem Roadmap

The demo period for Anthem is over now, so all that’s left is to figure out where you’re going to end up on that meme-worthy spreadsheet. Then, as planned, Anthem will be available for everyone on February 22, 2019. Today, we got a nice little teaser of what’s on the way after launch, courtesy of BioWare’s Ben Irving, lead producer on Anthem.

Irving posted an infographic on Twitter, that you can take a look at yourself under this paragraph. Initially, the post-launch narrative for Anthem seems to provide three “Acts.” This is of course what’s coming after the story that comes baked into the game at launch. The first Act is scheduled for March 2019, and appears to be split into three updates.

The first Act is called Echoes of Reality. The three updates comprising it are called Evolving World, Stronger Together, and The Cataclysm. There aren’t more specific details, but we do get a few bullet points on what to expect from these updates. We’re getting new events, quality of life improvements, new rewards, an expanded progression system, a new stronghold, guilds, leaderboards, new missions, and “the cataclysm.”

We don’t have release dates for any of this content, nor do we have details on further Acts, although the infographic does contain some visual elements for them. It will be interesting to see what happens with these plans once the game is live, as well as what form the unannounced Acts eventually take.