Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operators Are a ‘Farm Girl’ and a ‘Show Pony’

Following last week’s announcement regarding Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year Four content, Ubisoft has lifted the curtains and offered us our first look at the two new operators, Gridlock and Mozzie. The Australian characters will be added to the game when Operation Burnt Horizon goes live.

Gridlock and Mozzie have been friends since their teens. They met at a robot destruct-o-rama event, and have stayed in touch since. Although they were both serving in the Defence Force, Gridlock and Mozzie weren’t deployed together until they were called to fight a disastrous bushfire, where they finally “clicked.”

Tori “Gridlock” Tallyo Fairous is a farm girl from Central Queensland. She was in charge of her family’s cattle farm, where she utilized her natural problem solving and leadership skills. Despite the SASR’s attempts to promote her, Gridlock wasn’t ready to settle for a formal role as an officer.

Max “Mozzie” Goose has been described as the opposite of Gridlock. Known as a “show pony,” he’s a talkative person who loves boasting about his wild stunts. However, it’s his “exceptional” work ethic and his ability to work as a team player that made him a great fit for Rainbow.

“Now that they’ve officially signed up, they’re in for an unwelcome surprise: for the first time they’re going to be facing off against each other,” teased Ubisoft. “As an Attacker, Gridlock will be deploying her Trax Stingers – originally designed to stop pursuing vehicles in their tracks – to add a new dimension to her team’s control of their surroundings. And Mozzie, as a Defender, will deploy his Pest to make the enemy think twice about their intel gathering strategies.”

More information about Operation Burnt Horizon will be released soon. We’ll keep our readers posted.

[Source: Ubisoft]