Fortnite Live Festival Was an Unlicensed, Misleading Disaster

Organized by a company called Exciting Events, Fortnite Live was supposed to be a two-day long festival meant to provide a real-life Fortnite experience, minus the deadly eliminations. The event was advertised as “the ultimate Fortnite Battle Royale!” in Norwich, England. But it takes more than an idea to pull off a festival, and Exciting Events neither had the resources nor the staff to support this unlicensed Fortnite experience.

While families expected their £12 tickets (plus an extra £20 for unlimited access wristbands) to give them some llama-filled fun, instead they arrived to mostly empty area. The Guardian reported the only activities involved things like a single rock climbing wall for over 3,000 children and a cave experience that was “a trailer, no bigger than a car, with a tunnel through it,” according to attendee Oliver Phillips.

The owner of the festival’s operating company, Shaun Lord, told The Guardian that “he had given a refund to everyone who had asked,” and he’s “dealing with people on an individual basis,” although the Facebook event page and other marketing material have now been pulled from the internet.

Epic Games was not involved with this festival. It has been contacted by Eurogamer for a statement on whether or not the company is aware of the copyright infringement that took place during the advertisement and operation of this festival. At the time of writing, the company has not replied.

[Source: The Guardian, Eurogamer]