Game Merchandise Company Numskull Will Begin Publishing Games

Numskull Designs, the company better known for producing video game-centric merchandise, has announced that it’s ready to further embed itself in the industry. The company aims to do so by publishing games under the newly established Numskull Games. Numskull is taking on this venture alongside long-time partner, Rubber Road Group.

As a publisher, Numbskull Games will begin to focus on launching games digitally and at retail. New releases won’t be the only titles served, either. Numskull also intends to provide pre-existing digital only games with physical editions.

In announcing the news, the publisher released the following statement.

Starting a new games publisher that integrates with the infrastructure and vast reach of the Rubber Road group is a compelling opportunity. Their resources and know-how mean that Numskull Games has the ability to promote, market, and sell games that take us beyond start-up immediately.

Further, by collaborating with Numskull Designs and their expertise, Numskull Games can offer a unique proposition to game studio partners. We already have a raft of exciting projects that will be announced in the coming weeks. The team here are keen to recruit further game content and expand our plans rapidly.

Martin Defries, who’s had a decades-long career in the industry, will helm Numskull Games. Defries founded Rising Star Games, which published hundreds of games across PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox platforms. Moreover, Rising Star played an integral part in ensuring Western territories received Japanese titles, such as Harvest Moon, No More Heroes, and Deadly Premonition. During his lengthy tenure at Rising Star, Defries served as Managing Director and President of Rising Star Games Inc. Now he is bringing his expertise to Numskull.

Presently, Numskull Games is searching for titles to publish for digital and retail releases. Developers interested in pitching their projects to gauge potential partnership opportunities can do so by contacting the following address, [email protected]