Night in the Woods Co-Creators Open Worker-Owned Game Studio, Teases Upcoming Games

Two of the three creators behind 2017’s award-winning Night in the Woods, Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry, have opened a new game studio with artist and musician, Wren Farren. The studio, The Glory Society, operates as a “worker-owned cooperative.” According to The Glory Society’s official Twitter account, every team member co-owns the studio. Moreover, no bosses or higher-ups are necessary, with everyone taking equal part in decision-making.

The Glory Society announced the news on social media, alongside a tease that the studio’s hard at work on a “cool game.” In fact, the team may even have two cool games in the works. See the Twitter post in questions below:

The developers aren’t ready to talk about their projects, at present. However, one game will apparently be revealed sooner; meanwhile, the other won’t see the light of day until “way later.” The Glory Society also intends to expand its ranks sometime this year. What kind of positions the team will be looking to fill currently remains under wraps.

Night in the Woods launched in 2017 on mobile devices, PlayStation 4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One. Its acclaim was widespread, leading the title to earn a BAFTA for best game narrative. Of the aforementioned developers, Benson served as co-director, co-writer, and animator on the title. Hockenberry researched and wrote for the celebrated project.

[Source: The Glory Society on Twitter via ResetEra]