KontrolFreek’s Excellent Battle Royale Performance Thumbsticks Now Come in Black with Nightfall

KontrolFreek performance thumbsticks might seem like an inconsequential accessory, but since I first started using them, I can’t go back anymore. Standard thumbstick heights and grips just don’t feel right to me anymore. The increased range of motion you get from even low and mid-height sticks offer an incredible advantage and nuance to any game’s controls. The high-rise sticks more than double the range of motion, allowing for extreme precision. And of course the design on top can both add a unique look and grip pattern to ensure your thumbs aren’t slipping off.

Last year, Kontrol Freek landed on something big when they made their Battle Royale themed thumbsticks in purple. While they may not have been directly licensed by Epic and Fortnite, the implication was there. These were the high-rise performance thumbsticks that they meant for you to use while playing the runaway succesful battle royale game. But what if you didn’t want purple? KontrolFreek still offers plenty of other sticks, but the Battle Royale thumbsticks were limited to sporting your inner Thanos, until now.

KontrolFreek Battle Royale Nightfall are the same performance thumbsticks that sold really well last year, now in black, a color that matches better with the variety of controller colors I own. As high-rise thumbsticks, they stand at 11.7mm and increase range of motion by 120%. Moving directly into a high-rise thumbstick from the standard controller height can be a tough transition, and even though I’ve been playing with KontrolFreeks for years, I go back and forth between high-rise and mid-height (which stands at 8mm) depending on my needs.

What’s great about the black design is that I can mix and match them with other KontrolFreeks that I have. No matter what I am playing, I usually don’t prefer a high-rise stick on my left thumbstick, which often controls movement. While I want my aiming to be more precise, movement feels better to me with either a low or mid-height stick. I actually have specific controllers with specific KontrolFreek combinations for various purposes (double mids; mid and high; low and high; etc.) depending on what I am playing. The Battle Royale Nightfall sticks have been a great addition to my controllers that include high-rise in their configuration. The grip and comfort are easily some of KontrolFreek’s best work and there’s a reason this design hit it big. I can attest to the fact that I have demonstrably improved my own aim and control when using Kontrol Freek performance thumbsticks versus a standard controller without accessories.

Again, while not licensed or branded around a specific product, the KontrolFreek Battle Royale Nightfall sticks are hitting at a perfect time when Apex Legends is sweeping the gaming world. A simple color change might seem like a small thing, but a lot of people care about how their gear looks, and purple may not have satisfied everyone’s aesthetic cravings. Of course, KontrolFreek has plenty of other sticks branded around specific games too. They’ve been seen partnering frequently with Activision for Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Destiny themed thumbsticks so you can rep your favorite games (though I have to wonder if we’ve seen the last of the Destiny thumbsticks from them).

The company has also been adding additional controller accessories to its lineup, including comfortable and stylish controller grips (which look and feel great on a magma red DualShock 4). If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts and Kontrol Freek products, they have the unlikely mashup of the Kontrol Blade pin, which is effectively a Kontrol Freek inspired keyblade. Grab one fast though, they are limited!

Kontrol Freek sent us a review unit of the Kontrol Freek Battle Royale Nightfall performance thumbsticks. For more information, please read our Review Policy.