Mother’s Day Gamer Gift Guide – Gifts, Accessories, and Items that Every Gamer Mom Needs

While we should be honoring the maternal figures in our lives every day, this weekend provides a good reminder to give back to mom for all that she’s done for you. It’s also a time to celebrate motherhood in general, so we’ve got some great gift suggestions for the gamer mom in your life. We already went over the PS4 games that mom needs, but what about sweet gaming gear to enhance her experience? Whether she’s the person who raised you, the person who’s raising your kids, or just someone that puts up with you right now (shoutout to my wife), here are the gaming accessories and items that every gamer mom needs.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Gifts for the Gamer Mom

Astro C40 Controller

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Your mom deserves the best of the best, which is why she deserves the PS4 controller that’s the best. As an officially licensed Sony product, the Astro C40 is easily the best premium controller available for the console. Sure, it might be half the price of the console, but it’s well-worth it for the solid build quality, customizability, and super long battery life that can make it through more than 12 hours of gaming. Plus getting mom a premium and practical gift like this really shows how much you love her. Maybe she’ll let you use it every once in a while, but we doubt it.

Mothers day video game gift guide gamer mom gifts

LucidSound LS41 Wireless Headset

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While we’re talking about premium products, we’d be remiss not to mention the LucidSound LS41, an amazing wireless headset that’s made its way onto our ears and barely ever come off. We promise you that mom wants to just disappear into her gaming, movies, or music sometimes, and the LS41 is going to provide her comfort and audio like no other. It can also be used wired, and comes with all of the accessories needed for almost any application.

Gunnar glasses review vertex

GUNNAR Glasses

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A familiar sight growing up was my mom rubbing her temples and complaining of migraines, a problem that’s only compounded for people with the assault of blue light on our eyes. We’re looking at screens constantly and it impacts our sleep, mood, and even how we physically feel. So how about helping mom to feel a little bit better with some GUNNAR glasses? The patented design blocks blue light and reduces eye strain and fatigue. Using them has actually discernibly helped with my own sleep patterns, so if your mom is staring at a lot of screens, a pair of GUNNAR glasses may be just what she needs. There are tons of frame styles to choose from, so mom can both look and feel great.

Gaems sentinel case portable gaming environment

GAEMS Sentinel Console Case/Portable Gaming Environment

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Does the mother in your life travel a lot and wish she could take her games with her? The GAEMS Sentinel is a TSA rated hardshell case with a high quality 1080p monitor built into the lid to make portability of her console easy. Even if she doesn’t have a TV where she’s headed, that monitor ensures that mom can play another match in Overwatch or run through Dragon Age: Inquisition for the 17th time while she’s away from home.

playstation network cards

PS4 Pro

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Sure, I might still be using my launch PS4, but mom deserves better. Why not get mom a PS4 Pro and upgrade the console in her life? Plus, with the PS5 just around the corner, she might just hand it down to you when the next generation comes around.

PS Plus Deal

PS Plus Subscription

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A PS Plus subscription is a great gift because it stacks. Even if mom is already topped up for the year, ensuring that she’ll be able to access her Instant Games Collection and play online for yet another year is a pretty valuable gift.

Mothers day gift guide

2TB External Hard Drive

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Mom’s gaming collection overflowing? Even if she likes physical disc-based games, these days, everything needs a download to the hard drive. If she’s got a few popular games, chances are she’s running out of space on that old hard drive. You could get her an internal replacement, or you could get her a 2TB external drive to hold all of her extra games.

PSVR Headset

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You can get a PSVR headset with two of the platform’s best games—Astro Bot and Moss—for under $250 now. Virtual reality has never been more accessible, and we think it’s the perfect time for mom to jump into the most immersive that games have ever been. For the mom who’s a gamer, there aren’t many better gifts.

Kontrol Freek Battle Royale Nightall review performance thumbsticks

KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks

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I’ve ranted and raved about KontrolFreek performance thumbsticks one, two, or three times before. Every one of my five DualShock 4s has a set of KontrolFreeks on them, all useful in different scenarios. I personally prefer mid-height sticks, but maybe mom just wants some of the short ones to add a bit of grip to the standard DualShock 4 thumbstick. Maybe she’s a super competitive person and wants the tall sticks to improve her performance even more. These are a great affordable gift for mom if you can’t buy her a whole new console or premium controller.

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