Dataminer Sets the Internet Ablaze With Battlefield V Firestorm Leaks

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Battlefield V involves its upcoming Battle Royale mode, Firestorm. The game officially launched in November 2018 after a slight delay, and Firestorm was nowhere to be found. It was said that it would launch later on, but we haven’t really heard or seen much pertaining to the new mode. However, a Reddit dataminer by the name of temporyal has discovered some interesting information about the game’s upcoming battle royale.

Keep in mind, none of this has been confirmed by EA, but the info found by temporyal seems like it could be true. Below is a list of general info about Firestorm, according to the dataminer’s leaks:

  • Three variants: solo, duo (2 player teams), squad (4 player teams) with a player maximum of 64 per match
  • Typical Battlefield classes will be present / choosable (snippet: ui/shared/widgets/classinforenderwidget)
  • Code shows signs of an LFG system and “backfilling” entries
  • Will have a separate ranking system
  • Will (probably) occur in Tides of War – at least the code for a connection is already there
  • Takes place in Norway (snippet: “/sparta/casablanca/royale/dk_norway-bd00e4f9.png” – also the level name itself contains the word “norway”)
  • You parachute from a plane into the war zone (snippet: Paradrop_Exit)
  • Your HUD will show an altimeter during the free fall / flight (snippet: ui/ingame/hud/widgets/parachutealtimeter)

The user also uncovered some info about the gameplay itself, which you can find below:

  • If you get shot by an enemy you enter a “downed” state where you can crawl (but probably not fight) (snippet: DownedState_Crawl_LEFT_3)
  • There are various hints to a 3rd person camera angle but they are always tacked to the parachute start or when you get downed / killed
  • You have an inventory where you can store loot you find (snippet: UI/Ingame/Hud/Minimap/Inventroy – btw the typo is directly taken from the code)
  • Yoot has four types of “rarity” (snippet: ui/rarityselection; UI/s/HUD/Loot/RarityOne, UI/s/HUD/Loot/RarityTwo, …)
  • You can find better backpacks (three tiers) to extend your inventory
  • The map features safes that can be opened (this will be tracked in your stats) (snippet: safesOpened: w(t.royale.safesOpened, 0))
  • There are dynamic objectives on the map which you can capture (e.g. “resupply points” as mentioned later)
  • Dynamic objectives may also be connected to “lockups” / “vehicle breakouts” mentioned in the code (snippet: w(t.royale.vehicleBreakoutsOpened, 0))

What do you make of this? Is it too late for Battlefield V to include a battle royale mode? Let us know!

[Source: Reddit via DSO Gaming]