Roll Around with Style in a Hamster Ball in Fortnite

A whacky game gets whackier as a vehicular hamster ball is on the way for Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite.

Game Informer reports that it’s a single-occupancy vehicle called The Baller, and they have noticed that the device on the front of the sphere looks like a grappling hook. Perhaps you can gain momentum by grappling to nearby buildings like Hammond (Wrecking Ball) from Overwatch?

The developer posted a news update inside the game, and Donald Mustard, the Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games, tweeted, “Just you wait. It. Is. Amazing.”

No release date has been given for The Baller, but Fortnite‘s updates come fast, so we should expect to see it soon.

Fortnite launched Season 8 with a free Battle Pass for those who completed 13 overtime challenges before February 27th, 2019. However, it is now available to purchase for those to failed to finish this goal. In Season 8 the Fire King has escaped from his prison and players have progressively unlocked the “Prisoner” skin as the season has gone on.

When you first gain access to the Battle Pass, you get the Blackheart and Hybrid skins and if you have the Battle Bundle, you also get Sidewinder skin as well. For this season, there are over 100 rewards to earn, which include new wraps, pets, and emotes. Season 8 has brought in a pinging system, a mechanic which was praised in Fortnite’s competitor Apex Legends.

Pirates, ninjas, and other skins have dropped in to the latest season. Cannons have been added to the map, which can shoot allies into crumbling buildings or traverse them from one place to another. New tropical locations have been added to the map, also.

Are you looking forward to the latest teased update? Are you surprised at the random updates that seem to change Fortnite on a regular basis? What other games would you like to see get this same treatment?