Seto Kaiba Is Ready to Duel as Jump Force’s First DLC Fighter

Bandai Namco has revealed a rough 2019 roadmap for Jump Force, including information about upcoming DLC and updates. Not only has it announced the launch windows for the nine DLC characters, we also know who the first one is! Yugi won’t be the only Duel Masters player to join Jump Force. His rival, Seto Kaiba, will be among the first three DLC characters to be released. The two characters joining him weren’t revealed, but the characters will be released sometime in May 2019.

Take a look at the roadmap right here:

Unfortunately, Kaiba wasn’t on our wishlist of DLC character for Jump Force. However, with eight other characters in the pipeline, there’s still hope. The other three DLC characters will be released sometime in August 2019, though of course we don’t know who those characters are yet. In addition to the three characters, each DLC character will come with new avatar costumes and skills. Be aware that anyone who bought the Jump Force Ultimate Edition gets to play these characters four days early.

New features will be coming throughout the year via free updates. In April, we’ll see a new “Clan” feature and event. May will have a new raid boss event, and we’ll see if there will be any more throughout the year, as well. Be on the lookout for a new tournament happening in July. We should be getting more information on these events as the year goes on. Two new stages will be released for all players, as well.

Though we weren’t fans of Jump Force, you’ve got to hand it to Bandai Namco for its continued support of its crossover fighting game. As new patches are being released, as well, hopefully Jump Force will be a much more improved experienced in the near future.