PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Celebrates Second Anniversary With Special In-Game Freebie

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds celebrated its second anniversary yesterday, and to mark the occasion, developer PUBG Corp penned a letter thanking the game’s community and offered them a special in-game item.

Reflecting upon the past two years, the battle royale pioneer said that the genre has revolutionized gaming and has been quite a learning experience for the company.

“We began to tackle some of the issues that came with the lessons we’ve learned as a company, releasing several quality of life improvements and recommitting to higher quality, more stable builds,” wrote PUBG Corp. “2018 also saw the launch of our Training Mode and two brand new maps, the small but savage island map of Sanhok and the beautiful icy landscapes of Vikendi. Lastly, we brought the high intensity PUBG experience to our fans on console with official releases on both Xbox and PlayStation.”

As a thank you, players can claim a special anniversary cap by simply logging into the game on console between April 9 and May 7.

PUBG Corp added that it still has quite a few goals to accomplish. The studio is currently “deep into planning improvements” for the Erangel map, and is already testing loot increases and improvements on the game’s test servers.

Speaking of test servers, PUBG is currently testing the new MP5K SMG, which is exclusive to Vikendi and replaces the Vector. The weapon will be added to all platforms via an update. In the meantime, check out its key characteristics below:

The MP5K is a brand new sub-machine gun chambered for 9mm ammunition. While the firing mechanics of the MP5K are similar to those of the Vector, it boasts a higher per bullet damage, but with a lower overall firing rate and DPS. This SMG also has a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, starting at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an extended magazine.

– High rate of fire at 900 RPM with reasonably easy to control recoil

– Accommodates all attachment slots to allow for a tactical stock, different types of magazines, muzzles attachments, grips, the laser sight and of course scopes

– Base damage value of 33

We’ll share patch notes with our readers when the update goes live. For more on PUBG, check out our previous coverage.

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