Cover Your MMO Needs With a Refreshed TERA: Reloaded in April

TERA has officially been out on the PS4 as a free-to-play MMO since April 3, 2018. A massive new update is set to launch on April 2, 2019, almost exactly one year after the launch of the console version. It even has a name, TERA: Reloaded.

The cornerstone of all the updated content is a new race and class combination. The Elin Gunner is a harmless-looking, but hard-hitting character who “brings high-octane firepower to any fight.” A trailer was released to showcase this new character, but it didn’t explain much beyond the fact that the focus on her design was cuteness.

More concrete details were revealed, including a new gear progression system. Once players reach level 65, a quest named “Fresh Arms—and Legs” will become available. Completing it will bestow a set of Guardian gear upon the character. This top-tier gear can be further enchanted “from Guardian, to Twistshard, to Frostmetal, to Stormcry.”

Other things to do in the TERA: Reloaded update include Guardian Legion Missions, which reward players based on performance, and anniversary events in light of the game’s console release one year ago. The events weren’t detailed yet, however. New and returning dungeons were also listed.

Low tier dungeons include:

  • Shattered Fleet
  • Ravenous Gorge
  • Kalivan’s Challenge

Mid-tier dungeons include:

  • Lilith’s Keep
  • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
  • Thaumetal Refinery

Meanwhile, these high-tier dungeons will see the most activity:

  • Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
  • Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
  • RK-9 Kennel (Mid-April)
  • Ruinous Manor (Late April)

Finally, the highest-tier dungeons, presumably featuring the rarest loot, are:

  • RK-9 Kennel (Hard) (Mid-April)
  • Ruinous Manor (Hard) (Late April)

The TERA: Reloaded patch is expected to go live on April 2, 2019. A new Twitch Prime giveaway was also announced, where current Twitch Prime subscribers can redeem a code good for special cosmetics for TERA and other En Masse titles.