Jackbox Party Pack 6 fall

Laugh Hysterically With Trivia Murder Party 2 When The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Releases This Year

Jackbox Games’ highly regarded party game series will be getting another sequel this year with The Jackbox Party Pack 6, and it will include Trivia Murder Party 2 and a new game called Everybody Help Grandma! The Chicago-based developer announced the news during PAX East 2019.

If it follows the trend of past games, the pack will likely have five games, and we know what the first two will be: Trivia Murder Party 2 and Everybody Help Grandma. According to Jackbox Games, “[Trivia Murder Party 2] is the most frequently requested sequel” and thankfully, they obliged. For those unfortunate enough to be trapped yet again (this time in a Murder Hotel) in this trivia hell hole, you will be asked new questions, be given cursed gifts, taking part in new mini-games, and killed in all new “weird” ways.  It will also include enhanced audience features for those who are watching on Twitch or YouTube. Here’s a teaser trailer for the game:

In addition to the trailer, Jackbox Games has left some hints of what you can expect: Keys, Mirrors, Wigs, Swords, Daddy issues, and Fun.

The original Trivia Murder Party is a sadistic trivia game which has obscure questions from pop culture as well as math problems. If you choose the wrong answer, you have to partake in a mini game like memorization of a certain image or choosing the right drink to avoid poison to survive. Despite how grim it sounds, it’s really tense, and as a result, very fun to play.

Everybody Help Grandma is a new game from the director of Tee K.O, You Don’t Know Jack, and Fibbage 3, Ryan DiGiorgi. According to DiGiorgi “Everybody Help Grandma takes the daily reality of caring for your grandmother and gamifies it to the max.” You earn points and megawatt bonuses for listening carefully, “opening your heart,” “removing spiders but not hurting them,” “locating that annoying beeping sound,” and more. It’s not yet apparent how this will play, but given the collection it’s a part of, it’s likely to be through mini-games on your phone. Here’s a teaser trailer for that too:

Jackbox Party Pack 6 will be releasing sometime this fall for PC, consoles, and major digital platforms (perhaps Google Stadia?).

The Jackbox Party Pack is a series of party games that is controlled by your phone through an online connection. With each pack, there can be games of trivia, drawing contests, and bouts of humor to keep up to eight players (and perhaps your viewers on Twitch and YouTube) entertained. Each title is typically cleverly designed, has witty questions or circumstances involved, and breaks your expectations of a typical party game. You can easily spend hours upon hours with what each pack offers.

[Source: Jackbox Games]