Devil May Cry 5 Update Undoes PS4 Censorship, Once Again Shows Trish’s Rear

The day that Devil May Cry 5 launched, an update caused an uproar when it censored out one scene featuring Trish’s bare butt. That didn’t last long, however. The free update adding the Bloody Palace seems to have done more than add new content to the game. Watching this same scene after the April 1 Bloody Palace update reveals that the lens flare once used to cover Trish’s naked rear end is now gone. No, this isn’t a late April Fool’s Day joke. Capcom made no mention of the PS4 Devil May Cry 5 censorship removal with this update, but it’s now been verified by a few different sources.

The addition of the censorship in the first place was quite confusing. It was only added to the PS4 version, which fueled the fires of rage against Sony’s recent censorship policies. There’s another scene in the game with a lens flare that covers up Lady’s nude butt, though it’s been in the game since launch and is on all versions of the game (not just PS4). Capcom also never edited a different cutscene featuring Lady naked, though in that scene she’s covered in a goo that gives her similar coverage to body paint, so perhaps they had determined that it was tame enough. Because they’ve never actually commented on either the censorship itself or the removal of it, it’s hard to say what their intentions were surrounding Trish’s butt cover up (and subsequent removal).

My biggest problem with the PS4 Devil May Cry 5 censorship was not necessarily the censorship itself, but the terrible way in which the lens flare was applied. Instead of artistically creating a lens flare to widely cover the part of the screen that they didn’t want you to see, they instead made it awkwardly look like the light source itself was Trish’s butt, which makes me far more uncomfortable than the simple nudity. With this change and update, the PS4 version once again looks to be the same as both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

[Source: Twinfinite]

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