Blitz Through Enemies with Left Alive’s New Casual Difficulty

Sick of stealth games? Square Enix has a solution for you, with an action-packed casual difficulty option for Left Alive. This update makes the game more about shooting and standing your ground than being stealthy.

But how will the Casual difficulty change up the gameplay? Well, here’s the rundown. Attack strength will be increased. You could try to run and gun, as incoming bullets from enemies will cause less damage. Ammo will be increased increased, allowing for more gunplay. Enemies will be easier take out, as their health will be lower. Headshots and attacks from behind will deal more damage to your adversaries. Finally, the Wanzer mechs will be more durable. This sounds exciting for those who just want to shoot their way through the campaign or had trouble with other difficulty levels. However, if you decide to change your mind mid-way and want a stealthy experience instead, you can switch the difficulty setting on-the-fly in the options menu.

Balance adjustments have been made to the other difficulties too. Two first aid kits and more ammo have been added to players’ starting inventory in each one. Enemy accuracy has been reduced too. Lastly, the amount of damage someone could take from a frag grenade has been lowered.

Left Alive received a lackluster response when it released on March 5, 2019, and the current rating for it on the PlayStation Store is a three out of five stars. This spin-off of the mech series Front Mission supposedly has a blend of poor execution, inconsistent AI, and awkward controls. However, Lucas White enjoyed the goal-oriented stage design and demanding stealth portions “that really got [his] brain juices flowing.”

For those who have played Left Alive, will this new difficulty improve the experience? Do you prefer to run-and-gun? Could this update change your mind about the game? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Square Enix]