Rocket League Loot Crates Can’t Be Opened With Keys in 2 Countries

It would appear that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box fiasco from back in 2017 actually managed to pave the way for some positive change in the games industry. Psyonix, the developer behind the ever popular Rocket League, has been forced to change the way that loot crates function in-game in Belgium and the Netherlands.

This is due to strict government regulations in both countries. They do not allow forms of illegal gambling within video games sold there, due to laws that aim to crack down on such elements in games. Rocket League‘s locked loot crates are exactly the type of content that classify as illegal gambling in Belgium and the Netherlands and, as such, Psyonix has no choice but to change the way that these crates are opened. Keys are out. If you have Decryptors you have earned, those are still in.

Psyonix released patch notes for Rocket League on April 16, 2019 that detailed these new changes. In them, the developers have dedicated three bullet points to this new change. Two of which, cite the aforementioned “government regulations” as the reason for no longer being able to use purchased Keys to unlock the game’s loot crates. On top of the changes in Belgium and the Netherlands, the actual drop rates for items are now visible within the game’s Crate Preview screen. This change to transparency is most likely in order to show strict government bodies that Psyonix isn’t trying to hide these odds in an attempt to increase potential earnings.

Psyonix recently announced the Rocket Pass 3, which allows players to rank up and earn a bunch of unique items in the process. Also included with the Rocket Pass 3 are weekly challenges. Players who purchase the Premium Pass have access to over 70 unique rewards that you can earn. Players who don’t buy it can still unlock over 20 items by completing challenges and leveling up the Free Rocket Pass.

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[Source: Psyonix]