You’ll Need to Make Even More Room for Days Gone, Thanks to Patch 1.03

Days Gone’s install size was previously revealed to be approximately 67GB. This number does not take the title’s day one patch into consideration. It looks like players will need to clear even more space on their PlayStation 4 hard drive, should they be running out. According to Reddit users with access to SIE Bend Studio’s latest, Update 1.03 for Days Gone comes in at a whopping 17GB or more.

One Redditor reported that Update 1.03 weighs 17.2GB. Meanwhile, another, who clarified that they are playing on PlayStation 4 Pro, has said the patch clocks in at 21.420GB. For now, there does not exist much information with regards to what exactly this patch fixes. The Redditor who posted about the 17.2GB, however, noted that a bulk of the changes concern “bug fixes and localization updates.”

The numbers concerning Days Gone’s updates aren’t too surprising. A title this massive is bound to have a few loose ends in need of tying up at the last hour. After all, the project’s development lasted several long years, even for the cast. According to Sam Witwer, who plays protagonist Deacon St. John, there were numerous hardships throughout production with regards to bringing the characters and the world to life. The struggles endured by the development team at Bend Studio, then, were likely challenging on an astronomical scale.

Following a couple of delaysDays Gone’s release date is right around the corner. PlayStation 4 gamers can dive into Bend Studio’s new apocalyptic experience on April 26th. Reviews for the game will begin rolling out one day before launch. For those unsure about purchasing the title day one, GameStop has somewhat of a back up plan in place. Thanks to the retailer’s “Guaranteed to Love It” initiative, consumers will be able to purchase Days Gone, and return it within two days of release for full trade-in credit.

[Source: Reddit via GamingBolt]

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