Fallout 76 Is Getting Backpacks to Increase Carry Weight

Bethesda has announced that it’ll be introducing backpacks to Fallout 76 as part of Wild Appalachia’s “Ever Upwards!” update.

The backpacks can be equipped to increase the weight that you carry, and can be customized and modded to suit your needs and taste in fashion. Mods, which need to be crafted, include: increased carry capacity, armor plating for more damage resistance, and a refrigeration unit for your food. However, some of these mods will take up space and reduce the amount of extra storage.

Backpacks will be visible over outfits unless characters are wearing the Power Armor. Bethesda also noted that once players learn to craft a mod, it will apply to all backpacks and won’t need to be relearned.

Ever Upwards! will also introduce a new faction called the Pioneer Scouts. Upon joining, players will need to complete a number of activities to demonstrate their core values of “kindness, helpfulness, bravery, and growth.” Successful completion of tasks will be rewarded with promotion in rank, and badges that can be exchanged for loot. You will also earn your first backpack by getting promoted to the rank of Possum.

Here’s how Bethesda describes the faction:

The intrepid Pioneer Scouts have a long history of inspiring the children of Appalachia to strive “ever upwards” on missions of self-improvement and the betterment of their communities. However, a lack of interested children in the wake of the Great War has caused active scout numbers to dwindle. So, the Pioneer Scouts are taking their philosophy of inclusivity to a whole new level by accepting recruits of all ages.

If you think the Pioneer Scouts are right for you, check out the posters at Train Stations around Appalachia, or unlock one for your C.A.M.P. for free in the Atomic Shop through June 9.

Ever Upwards! will arrive with Patch 9 on May 7.

[Source: Bethesda]