Hideo Kojima Teases Possible New Death Stranding Trailer On Twitter

A possible new trailer for Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated horror game starring Norman Reedus, Death Stranding, has been teased by none other than the man himself. Kojima posted an image on Twitter, which shows a Death Stranding screen displayed on the left monitor, with the second monitor on the right showing off some sort of editing process. Fans were quick to state that we will be getting a new trailer in the near future, and if you go off of Kojima’s comments at the Tribeca Films Festival, it would seem that this is the case. In the panel at the Tribeca Films Festival, Kojima also confirmed that Death Stranding is an open world game that it will focus heavily on connectivity, although the particular form of connectivity in the game is still unclear. Time will tell, and hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer if this tease means anything!

Check out the tweet for yourself!

Little is known about Death Stranding still, even years after its initial reveal at E3 2016. What we do know however is that the game is going to be spooky, and in typical Kojima fashion, filled with plot threads that won’t make sense until the game’s final cutscene rolls (and even then, we may not “get” it). All kidding aside, Death Stranding is shaping up to be something special. As a lifelong fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, I am very excited to learn more about Kojima’s latest title. It was such a shame to see the way Konami handled Metal Gear Solid after its creator’s departure. Kojima is known for being extremely cryptic when it comes to revealing information about his games, so I guess we will all have to wait until this alleged trailer drops to get more juicy details, and presumably more questions than answers.

What do you think of Hideo Kojima’s latest tease for Death Stranding? Are you still excited for the game? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Twitter]