Darkwood Will Bring a New Perspective to Survival Horror This Month

Darkwood launched in 2017 for PC to much acclaim. As a top-down experience, the title allowed players to explore survival horror from a fresh perspective, one that also borrowed cues from RPGs, rogue-likes, and adventure games. Soon, console players will have the opportunity to venture into the world of Darkwood, as well.

Developer Acid Wizard Studios, along with publisher Crunching Koalas, is bringing the horror experience to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One this month. PlayStation 4 players can purchase the title on May 14th. Meanwhile, Switch and Xbox One users will have access on May 14th and May 16th, respectively.

For a glimpse at Darkwood’s many horrors, check out the console launch date trailer below:

At its core, Darkwood offers a free-roam experience, where scavenging and exploration provide the key to survival. The game-world’s harsh environments are always changing, but one thing seems to remain constant. Nighttime isn’t friendly. In fact, it is best to venture into the wilderness during the day, and hunker down when the night hours roll in.

In addition to its praise-worthy survival horror elements, according to some reviews, Darkwood has challenging and rewarding gameplay. This is partially thanks to the game’s randomly generated woods. Yet, there are reviewers of the PC version who considered Darkwood’s gameplay cumbersome at best.

The macabre world crafted by Acid Wizard Studios is filled with a variety of equally eerie characters. While interacting with said characters, players hear their stories, which ultimately helps inform players of how best to determine any given character’s fate. Decision-making does not stop there, either. The many choices presented to players throughout the experience also help shape the world of Darkwood, as well as the overarching narrative.

Darkwood doesn’t appear to have a price listed for its console version. However, it costs $14.99 on Steam; it’s likely to be similarly priced on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

[Source: Gematsu]