Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Shown Again During PlayStation State of Play, More Info in June

Well, it’s still happening folks! The Final Fantasy VII Remake reemerged today during Sony’s State of Play live stream. The game was given a gorgeous new trailer showing off the characters which are so beloved by many, a bit of combat, and the all new UI. In it, we see a very sharp looking Cloud as he first meets Aerith in Midgar. We also see Barrett, Wedge, Jessie, and some of the other members of Avalanche on their way to sabotage one of Shinra’s reactors. There is even a very limited glimpse of the One-Winged Angel himself, although we don’t get much of a look at Sephiroth, you can feel just how antagonistic his role will be. If this first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake only has the Midgar chapter, then it’s likely Sephiroth won’t even play a big part quite yet, unless they’ve changed the story a lot.

Unfortunately, no new specific details about the game were given out, but just seeing the game in action reminds us all how darn excited we are for this remake. Take a look at today’s trailer below!

The very end of the trailer informs us that there is “More to come in June.” Presumably, this will be during E3 and explains why Square Enix was so eager to take over the prime time Monday slot previously claimed by Sony for its press conference. Hopefully, this indicates Square Enix has some very significant details to share about the upcoming remake, and perhaps that a release is just over the horizon. At any rate, the trailer confirms that the game is still planned as a PS4 game and hasn’t shifted to a next-gen title.

The official Final Fantasy Twitter account also quickly posted the below tweet immediately after the trailer’s debut. In it, Tetsuya Nomura informs players that “Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month.” We should likely have more details on the game’s launch window, updated battle system, and maybe details on what it means that the game will be released in parts during E3. Keep an eye out here at PlayStation LifeStyle for all of the details as soon as they are announced!

What did you think of today’s trailer? Does it give you hope that we will be playing the game soon? Or do you worry that the game is still stuck in development, not to be seen again for another few years? Let me know your thoughts below!