MediEvil Remake Finally Has an Official Release Date

Today, Sony finally revealed the release date of the much anticipated MediEvil remake during its State of Play live-stream. Along with the release date was a new trailer that showed off some additional footage, which you can watch below.

The trailer gives us a look at the main character, Sir Daniel Fortesque being revived by an evil sorcerer named Zarok. You can see some gameplay showing the main character slashing his way through enemies from a third-person perspective. One of the selling points of the remake are its beautiful 4K visuals that have been built from the ground-up.

For those unaware, MediEvil was originally released for the PS One back in 1998 by SCE Cambridge Studio. It played a lot like a hack and slash action-adventure game with a spooky, yet cartoonish aesthetic. During PlayStation Experience in 2017, it was revealed that the game would be remade for PS4.

One thing that might be on your mind is whether the sequel, aptly titled MediEvil 2 would also be remade for current-gen consoles. At this point, we haven’t heard any word on that, but perhaps if MediEvil does well, we could see the sequel at a later time. For now, we can look forward to playing the remake of the original beloved title when it releases this fall.

MediEvil releases exclusively for PS4 on October 25, 2019 at a budget price of $29.99.

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[Source: State of Play]