Persona 5 Royal ‘Morgana Report’ Shows New Character And Updates

A series of newscast-style videos detailing some of the features that we will see in Persona 5 Royal kicked off on Atlus’ official Japanese YouTube Channel. While the video’s translation is rough, we can make out a lot of really cool additions to the upcoming rerelease.

The ‘Morgana Report’ briefly introduces a new character coming to the game, Kasumi Yoshizawa, although little is known about her yet. The player meets her during an altercation with an older man in a park, during which Joker steps in to help her out. It also appears that Kasumi will become a party member later in the game.

The trailer (seen below) also details a new segment of gameplay in the form of a third semester at school. With this, players will have more activities to do with friends, new places to visit, and extra events to take part in. The report shows the crew playing billiards and darts, as well as Joker visiting an aquarium with Kasumi. Some of your good friends will even be able to send you pictures!

The trailer also gives a small sneak-peek at a new Phantom Thief portion of the game. There doesn’t seem to be much to take away from this other than some new battles and enemies, and Joker finding a glowing skull-like treasure. At the very least, there’s more of that stylish combat that Persona 5 fans love.

Morgana plans to infiltrate Altus again to bring us more updates on the new features in Persona 5 Royal. The text accompanying the video indicates that we will receive another round of details in June 2019. The ‘Morgana Report’ reveale that the game will be available in Japan on Oct. 31st of this year. The western release is still planned for some time in 2020.

What do you think of the upcoming additions to Persona 5 Royal? Will it get you to play the game if you haven’t already? Or will it convince you to spend another 100+ hours so that you can hang out with Kasumi? Let me know your thoughts!