Caravan Stories PS4 Beta Starts On July 16, Full Release On July 23

The beta for Caravan Stories, the popular free to play, anime-inspired MMORPG from Aiming Inc. is set to kick off on July 16, 2019 for the PlayStation 4. The game’s full release will follow shortly after the Beta, on July 23, 2019. Caravan Stories is set within Iyarr, a massive world filled with quests, NPCs, and countless enemies to fight. At the start, players can choose between four different races, but they can also unlock a fifth race simply by playing the game. A sixth will release after the full game’s launch. In Caravan Stories, players can explore mysterious cities, elegant forests, and imposing canyons. Along the way, players can also recruit various NPCs and tame animals..

Check out the Teaser Trailer for Caravan Stories on the PlayStation 4!

Caravan Stories will have Raids for players to complete, with the group size maxing out at six. Choose your skills wisely, and pair them with your friends’ abilities to maximize your group’s potential in battle. Throughout the game, players will encounter demons and monsters, which are spilling out of a mysterious gate of darkness floating above Iyarr’s peaceful lands, known as Enigma. You, the champions of Iyarr, must stop the land from descending into absolute chaos, ultimately saving the world from a grim fate in a story packed with emotional weight, and interesting characters to come across. As you play, the day and night cycle will have an influence over gameplay. At night, more dangerous creatures will emerge from the shadows, making it necessary for your party to switch strategies accordingly.

Caravan Stories will be at RTX in Austin, Texas from July 5-7 at the Austin Convention Center in booth #405 if you’d like to check out the game in person.

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