RAGE 2 How to Upgrade Healing Items

RAGE 2 – How to Upgrade Healing Items and How to Heal

One of the cool things about RAGE 2 are the amount of upgrades you have at your disposal, giving you the opportunity to create a super-soldier to demolish your enemies with. However, you might notice while playing through the game that some enemies and bosses can get pretty tough, so it’s a good idea to look into health management by healing and acquiring upgrades to your healing items known as Health Infusions. This guide will cover how to upgrade Health Infusions and how to heal in RAGE 2.

Upgrading your Health Infusions works differently than you might expect. There are different perks associated with your healing items that are part of a level system, much like other items in the game. This is something you’ll need to be aware of, since it can be confusing to start.

To level up your Health Infusions, you will need Health Infusion Upgrade Schematics, which are sold by a vendor in Wellspring, pictured below. Fast travel here to locate the shop called Gar-Illa Gear. You can also visit any of the Trade Towns for Health Infusion Upgrade Schematics, but in this guide we will be using Wellspring as an example.

Upon arrival, go inside the small town and continue straight, under the welcome sign. After that, turn left and look for a stand with a green medic sign, indicating the shop you need to visit. When you get there, interact with the shopkeeper and you can purchase Health Infusion Upgrade Schematics to level up your healing items.

You should be aware that the shopkeeper does have a limited amount of Schematics, so you can’t just continuously buy them to quickly become overpowered. You can purchase them for $1000 if they’re available. There are also a number of other items to purchase here like healing items, grenade upgrades, and other Schematics that work similarly as the ones for health.

In the same town of Wellspring, you can also visit The Cyber Doc to augment your health. This will increase damage resistance, but it will require crafting materials to do so. These can be found in Ark Chests, from Intel Traders, Authority Sentries, and Junk Meks. If you just play through the story mode and explore, you’ll find these items.

In terms of healing, there are a couple of ways to do so. During battle, you’ll notice enemies will drop a blue material known as Feltrite that will heal you. If you walk over these items, you’ll automatically pick them up and they will increase your health. However, they don’t always drop, so it’s best not to rely on them. Additionally, you can find Feltrite in crates as you explore. Be sure to be thorough so you don’t miss any.

Alternatively, you can use the aforementioned Health Infusions by pressing and holding up on the D-pad to heal. You have a limited amount of these items, though, so be cautious. You can also discover Health Infusions scattered throughout the world as you take down enemies.

Another method used to acquire Health Infusions is by crafting, so check out our crafting guide to see how to do that.

That should cover everything you need to know about healing in RAGE 2. Let us know how you’re enjoying it or if there are any guides you’d like us to cover!

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