Prime 1 Studio Will Produce Premium Horizon Zero Dawn Collectibles

Japanese manufacturer Prime 1 Studio has gotten its hands on another PlayStation franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn. The company announced the news on its official Facebook page, which noted that collectibles for the sci-fi IP will be “coming soon.” How soon remains a mystery, as does what exactly the collectibles will include. Given Prime 1 Studio’s track record, though, it’s likely the Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles will take on the form of premium priced statues.

See Prime 1 Studio’s announcement in the Facebook post featured below:

As noted above, this isn’t Prime 1 Studio’s first foray into producing collectibles for PlayStation exclusives. Recently, the company unveiled God of War statues, featuring Kratos, Atreus, and Baldur. The highly detailed figures are nothing short of impressive, and the same should probably be expected of those for Horizon Zero Dawn. In the past, Prime 1 Studio has also manufactured a premium figure for Kojima Productions, a replica of the studio’s Ludens mascot which costs $2,000. Because of the half-scale figure’s size, which nears 63 inches, the price comes as no surprise, especially considering features such as the LED functions.

Given the Ludens example noted above, it’ll be interesting to see what Prime 1 Studio does for Horizon Zero Dawn. Sure, an Aloy statue is expected, but might some of the machines be immortalized in statue form, as well? A massive figure for the Thunderjaw certainly seems like an idea waiting to come to fruition.

While the wait for news concerning Prime 1 Studio’s Horizon plans continues, the wait for details on the game’s highly-anticipated sequel also presses on. Guerrilla Games has yet to even tease what’s next. However, Frozen Wilds voice actress Janina Gavankar has recently said she believes fans are in for an “incredible” treat.

Since hitting the PlayStation 4 in early 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has moved over 10 million units worldwide.

[Source: Prime 1 Studio on Facebook]