Prime 1 Studio Unveils Insanely Detailed Statues for God of War and Devil May Cry 5

Prime 1 Studio is ready to have you dig deep into your pockets once more, with the announcement of new statues for God of War and Devil May Cry 5. The Japanese company showed off images of each of the statues in recent posts to its official Facebook page. To call them stunning would be an understatement. For now, unfortunately, details about pricing and a release date aren’t known. However, considering the precedent set by Prime 1 Studio’s high-end products in the past, the figures are likely to be quite expensive (try thousands of dollars).

The God of War figures are 1/4-scale behemoths, depicting Kratos and Atreus at battle with Baldur. Yet, it’s currently unclear as to whether the figures themselves will come as a package or be sold separately. Check out images of the figures in the gallery below:

As you can see, the Kratos and Atreus figure doesn’t seem directly connected to the Baldur statue. But the God of War symbol nestled between the two appears to suggest otherwise. Who knows, perhaps Prime 1 Studio will sell them separately and offer a packaged deal of some sort with both included? Regardless, these pieces are nothing short of brilliant, thanks to the immaculate detail of the characters and surrounding pieces. Prime 1 Studio used the models from the game to get every little detail right. Kratos is even wearing the Muspelheim armor! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Prime 1 Studio has also taken to Facebook to show off its Devil May Cry 5 statues. Like the God of War figures, pricing and release date details remain under seal. Also like the God of War figures, the DMC5 pieces are remarkably stunning. There are two in total, one of Dante and the other of Nero.

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[Source: Prime 1 Studio on Facebook]