Final fantasy 7 remake demo

RUMOR: A Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation Plus Demo Could Be on the Way Just After E3

It’s that time of year again where E3 leaks and rumors are happening left and right. We saw a Ghost Recon leak earlier this month, a handful of Assassin’s Creed Ragnorok rumors, and now it’s time for some information to be slipping out from some Square Enix employees about Final Fantasy VII Remake. We reported last week on Kat Bailey over at USGamer dropping hints about a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo being playable on the show floor at E3. Turns out, there many be more to this story that we originally thought.

According to a massive leak posted on Reddit over the weekend—supposedly coming directly from the El Segundo branch of Square Enix—there could potentially be a demo available to PlayStation 4 owners either immediately after the Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 demo or during the following week. The major stipulation of this is that you must be a PS Plus subscriber to access it. The leak does not indicate what portion of the game in which the demo takes place or how long of a demo it might be.

Final Fantasy 7 remake demo

All of this information is, of course, only a rumor coming from an unverified leak on Reddit, so take it with an enormous grain of salt. If Square Enix plans on releasing a demo, chances are they will announce it following their E3 presentation of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, as it would be a killer mic-drop moment. Too bad there’s always a leak to spoil the surprise (or build expectations when it inevitably turns out to be false)! This could give credence to the speculation that the game (at least the first part of it anyway) will be released before the end of the year, rather than it being planned for 2020.

Are you excited for a possible chance to try out the Final Fantasy VII remake demo in less than a month? Does it bug you that it’s only planned to be available to PS Plus members, not every PlayStation 4 owner? Let us know what you make of this rumor in the comments!