Both Remote Play and PlayStation Now Will Be Available on the PlayStation 5

Plenty of talk about the next-generation of games has surfaced of late, and it appears Sony aims to keep the conversation going. In the company’s recent Corporate Strategy Meeting, details about the future of streaming were briefly touched upon. These details included confirmation that features such as PlayStation Now and Remote Play will indeed make their way to Sony’s still unnamed next-gen console.

During the meeting, Sony CEO and President Kenichiro Yoshida stressed the importance of two key words with regards to PlayStation’s future, “immersive” and “seamless.” PlayStation Streaming, seemingly the umbrella term under which PlayStation Now and Remote Play exist, will focus most notably on the “seamless” aspect. The continued evolution of these features will be reflected in the next PlayStation console, though the company has yet to offer any concrete bits of information in this regard.

However, there does exist one hint as to what may lie beyond the horizon. It appears Sony intends to eventually make PlayStation Now accessible to those who don’t own a PlayStation console. Of course, this will require quite the feat of technology. Might the recently announced collaboration with Microsoft for streaming technologies be of help?

Apart from PlayStation Streaming’s implementation into next-gen, Sony’s long-term goals for these services are worth noting. For one, the company wants to see Remote Play made available across even more Android devices. Sony has also been evaluating the user experience on PlayStation Now, drawing conclusions about what players value most in the service. Minimizing latency serves as a key goal, for example. The same can be said for increasing the number of AAA titles that appear on the streaming service.

It may not seem so, but PlayStation Now has had many successes of its own; no wonder Sony is doubling-down. Since its 2014 launch, the number of subscribers for the streaming service has steadily increased by an average of 40 percent. It should be interesting to see whether such momentum is maintained as the service continues to evolve.

[Source: Sony via Twinfinite]