Vambrace Cold Steel Combat

Vambrace: Cold Soul’s Roguelite Range-Based Combat Encourages You To Keep Your Enemies Close

Combat details on Devespresso Game’s upcoming roguelite, Vambrance: Cold Soul, were unveiled today. The game takes horizontal turn-based combat and gives it a twist. Certain kinds of attacks have a set range determining what enemies the player can go after. For example, the Knight character in the trailer looks to have an attack that is a simple sword strike. This attack has a range of four square (with each square being the position of either an ally or an enemy) and since the Knight is second in the team’s line up, he can only attack an enemy in the opposing team’s second slot or closer. Players will have to consider this factor when determining what order they want their party to be in. Characters have an awareness value that determines what order turns are taken in, similar to the Speed value in many turn-based JRPGs like I Am Setsuna or Initiative in Dungeons & Dragons.

More information can be seen in the trailer below.

The game will have ten different classes, and each one has its own standard action. There is also a flourish attack that can be used after a meter underneath the character’s icon has filled. The meter will gain points from actions such as blocking an incoming attack or making a critical strike on an enemy. In addition to attacking, the different party members can defend, flee, or skip their turn. Some actions can also cause debuffs to enemies or even a boon to allies.

Being a roguelite, your party members will be permanently lost if they are killed during combat. The main character, Evelia, will only be knocked out if her health drops below zero, which will cause the battle to be lost even if other allies are still able to fight. This will return players to a game state before the battle.

If Vambrace: Cold Soul has caught your interest, be sure to check out the game’s previous trailer detailing the hub town of Dalearch. Keep an eye out also for the next trailer explaining Vambrace‘s exploration, which looks like it will come out some time next week. The game will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q3 2019, but will be making its way to Steam and GOG on May 28.

If you love roguelites and roguelikes but can’t wait for Q3 to get your hands on a new one, you can pick up Slay the Spire on PlayStation 4 today.