4 Million Players Are Slaying Monsters in Dauntless’ Shattered Isles

The free-to-play action-RPG Dauntless already had a sizable player-base on PC. Now, thanks to the title’s launch across the PlayStation 4, Epic Game Store, and Xbox One, the number of users has increased. Over four million people are slaying monsters in the Shattered Isles, courtesy of around 500,000 new players joining the fray after the console and Epic Game Store release. Interestingly, the influx of 500,000 only takes the first 24 hours into account. Who’s to say how much Dauntless’ player-base has increased since then?

Developer Phoenix Labs revealed the news in a press release, highlighting the game’s May 21st launch on the aforementioned platforms. Within just two days of this date, players had spent well over two million hours in Dauntless. That significant amount of time translates to players partaking in approximately three million “hunts” since the May 21st release.

Phoenix Labs aims to give players a reason to keep returning, too. According to the press release in which the game’s download numbers are celebrated, the developer promised support for Dauntless will continue with “significant content roll-outs.” At present, the developer’s specific plans remain under wraps.

As a Slayer, players are tasked with protecting the Shattered Isles, floating masses of land made so by a cataclysmic event that tore the world to pieces. This devastation unleashed a new threat known as Behemoths, gigantic creatures that could very well damn the little that is left of the world. This is where Slayers come in, of course, and explains why many have compared Dauntless to Monster Hunter.

However, there does exist one advantage that Dauntless has over the incredibly popular Capcom franchisecross-play. Even more fascinating is the title’s cross-progression feature, which allows players to transfer their game progression across any platform of their choice. These features are expected to be accessible in the Nintendo Switch version when Dauntless eventually launches there, as well.

[Source: Phoenix Labs via Gamasutra]