Root Letter: Last Answer Comes Stateside This Summer, and the Day One Edition Comes With a Bonus

Publisher PQube and developer Kadokawa Games have revealed the release dates for the upcoming Root Letter: Last Answer localization. This updated visual novel, which originally released in 2016, is set to arrive in Europe on August 30, 2019. The North American release date will follow a few days later, on September 3. This new version of Root Letter is significant for two distinct reasons. First, it adds new content to the story, effectively “finishing” it according to PQube’s marketing. Second, players will be able to swap between the original art style of the original Root Letter, and a new live action version featuring a cast of “actors” portraying the various characters (and locations!). Also, preordering Root Letter: Last Answer or buying it on launch day will net players the Day One Edition, which comes with a fancy bonus.

The Day One Edition of Root Letter: Last Answer, pictured below, will be available to customers who preorder the game, or show up to pick up a copy within the initial print run. This will be a limited edition of the game, and come with an exclusive art book. According to PQube, the art book is 100 pages long, and includes art pieces that have never been released before. Root Letter clearly has a fan base, considering the property is even seeing a movie adaptation soon, so fans will definitely want to snap this one up.

root letter last answer release date day one edition

The story of Root Letter surrounds the mysterious disappearance of the protagonist’s childhood pen pal Aya Fumino, 15 years before the events of the game. Players use evidence to interrogate former classmates, and choices made can result in one of five different endings. Not only is the aforementioned movie adaptation on the way, but a sequel is in development as wellRoot Letter and Root Letter 2 are considered part of the Kadokawa Game Mystery brand, which will presumably include more titles in the future since it’s just those two for now.

Source: Press Release