Dead Island 2 Preorder Listing Appears on Online Storefront

Is Dead Island 2’s tumultuous development cycle finally nearing an end? It certainly seems plausible, especially if a preorder listing on an online storefront is to be believed. Just recently, a preorder page for Dead Island 2 made its way to the Microsoft Store. As of writing, the long developed sequel has a placeholder launch date of December 31, 2019.

Considering everything surrounding Dead Island 2, this all seems rather peculiar. The Microsoft Store preorder page and the placeholder release date seem to suggest the follow-up will hit store shelves sooner rather than later. Who knows? That may very well be the case. After all, the title has been in development for at least six years or so, as its original announcement rocked the stage during E3 2014.

Not long ago, publisher THQ Nordic assured investors Dead Island 2 was still in development. However, the company never made note of a status update about the progress itself. As such, the zombie title could be in its final stages of production. Perhaps THQ Nordic will share more information during this year’s E3.

Originally in development by Yager, the team behind the grossly underrated Spec Ops: The Line, Dead Island 2 has had quite the experience in development hell. In early 2016, the LittleBigPlanet 3 studio, Sumo Digital, took over production on the sequel.

E3 2019 will kick off on June 11th and end on June 13th, and THQ Nordic is likely to have a big showing. In addition to the confirmed reveal of the fourth Darksiders entry, the publisher has dozens of other unannounced titles it may want to show off. Dozens is not an exaggeration, either. According to THQ Nordic, there are a total of 48 unannounced games in active development for the publisher.

Dead Island 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on an unspecified date.

[Source: Microsoft Store via GamingBolt]