Prepare to Survive Jericho City When The Surge 2 Launches This September

Developer Deck13 Interactive has finally revealed when fans can expect to get their hand on The Surge 2. The sequel will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later this year on September 24th. For now, it seems preorder details and those concerning potential special editions are being kept under wraps.

Deck13 Interactive revealed the news in a Twitter post on the franchise’s official Twitter account. See the tweet below:

When more information will go live currently remains to be seen. But, who knows, perhaps Deck13 will have something to show off during the week of E3, which kicks off on June 11th?

The Surge 2 was unveiled in February 2018. At the time, publisher Focus Home Interactive promised the sequel would provide more of “what fans and critics loved about the original.” This certainly seems to be the case, based on early perceptions of The Surge 2. According to previews, the sequel does indeed offer more of the what fans want. However, there are a few changes in store. For one, the world will be more opened this time. Drone upgrades have vastly improved, as well. Interestingly, complaints about difficulty have also been addressed. While The Surge 2 will still offer a challenge, players will have many options in how they can tackle the more arduous tasks.

Our most recent preview of the sequel touted the complexity of combat. Apparently, mastering it will require skill and precision, not unlike the Souls series. Also similar to FromSoftware’s beloved franchise is the asynchronous multiplayer aspect. Players can choose to leave graffiti that may or may not prove beneficial to other players that come across it. If other multiplayer modes are on the cards, Deck13 has yet to reveal them.

[Source: The Surge on Twitter]