Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hoarfrost Reach

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Hoarfrost Reach Has Chilling New Enemies

If you didn’t get enough creature wackin’ and item grinding in Monster Hunter: World, the game’s upcoming Iceborne expansion will give you a chance to do way more of that. In a trailer released on the Monster Hunter YouTube channel, the new Hoarfrost Reach area was given a deep look, showing off the freezing climate and creatures that call it home.

There are quite a few new monsters roaming around Hoarfrost Reach. This new trailer showed off the fearsome Beotodus that moves through the deep snow looking to ambush the player. There was also the Banbaro that charges towards players with dizzying speed. There is even a new Wyvern for hunters to challenge, but it won’t go down without a fight. New variations of previously seen monsters make their home in Hoarfrost Reach as well, with new abilities and behaviors thanks to the much harsher terrain. The enemies in this region will drop unique items that can be crafted into brand new equipment. You can see more details on these fiends in the trailer below.

One of the Iceborne expansion’s core mechanics seems to be focused around the player maintaining a healthy body temperature. If hunters get too cold, they can eat hot peppers or take a dip in the Hoarfrost Reach region’s hot springs. It appears that the snow scattered around will hamper the player’s movement abilities, giving enemies the upper hand. So, if you thought taking on enemies in the lush jungle from the base game was hard, you’ll be in for an avalanche of new challenges. If you’re interested in learning more about the story, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto gave an update on Iceborne late last year.

Challenge-hungry players will be able to explore the Hoarfrost Reach when the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion launches on September 6, 2019.