Torchlight 2 PS4

Torchlight II Official Console Release Date Brought Out of the Dark

After getting an initial fall 2019 release window, Panic Button revealed that Torchlight II will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 3, 2019, almost seven years to the date after the PC release. This port will come with all of the updates released since Torchlight II‘s original debut, as well as new content exclusive to consoles and a newly designed user interface. The game will be $19.99.

While Torchlight II was originally developed by Runic Games in 2012, the port is being handled by Panic Button. It is being published on consoles by Perfect World Entertainment.

Torchlight II is a class-based, isometric dungeon-crawler where players fight dangerous monsters in the hope of finding the next rare piece of loot. While this might sound similar to the Diablo series, the dungeons in Torchlight II are each randomly generated. Players can also have pets join along with them on their adventure, and these can be customized similar to the game’s main characters.

The game will take players across the world of Vilderan after the destruction of the town of Torchlight at the hands of the big-baddy from the first game. Known simply as the Alchemist, the team follows a trail of ruin and destruction to put a stop to his rampage. The player can choose from one of four classes. There is the Engineer, Outlander, Berserker, and the Embermage to choose from. If strong melee attacks and a steampunk vibe is your thing, you’ll want to choose the Engineer. Otherwise, the Outlander focuses on ranged attacks and has some limited magic capabilities. Berserkers can let out their inner beast, using animal themed attacks to be a front-line fighter. Finally, the Embermage is the glass cannon of the crew, using powerful magic spell to keep enemies at bay.

Are you planning on jumping into Torchlight II when it releases in September? Or will you be passing your gaming torch onto another title? Let us know in the comments!