PlayStation Source Code Being Used for Grandia HD Remasters

PlayStation Source Code Being Used For Grandia HD Remasters

While Grandia HD Collection and Grandia HD Remaster won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4, it does have a bit of a PlayStation background to it. In an article from RPGSite, it was revealed that the Grandia remasters will be making use of the PlayStation version’s source code.

An official statement was released from GungHo, which stated that the Grandia HD remasters are not direct ports. According to GungHo, the original PlayStation source code is being used in conjunction with the Sega Saturn version of the game to get the HD Remasters just right.

The official statement reads as follows:

We want to be clear, the Grandia HD Collection are not ports of the original PlayStation games, they are remasters. We are using the original PlayStation code of Grandia, but working with the Sega Saturn version to craft the definitive version of this beloved RPG. The team is primarily using the Saturn version as a reference point, working to match details and effects from that version of the game.

When asked whether or not GungHo would ever consider bringing the Grandia HD Collection to the PlayStation 4, Takeshi Minagawa, Director of Game Publishing at GungHo Online Entertainment, said:

We’ll think about it, but we felt the Switch was the console platform best suited for JRPGs, and we are first focused on release for Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Grandia HD Collection for the Nintendo Switch and subsequent PC versions of the games are being made by Sickhead Games and published by GungHo Online Entertainment. The first Grandia game released for the Sega Saturn on December 18, 1997 and was later brought to the PlayStation in 1999. Its sequel, Grandia II was released for the PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, and PC on August 3, 2000. Grandia III was released for the PlayStation 2 on August 4, 2005.

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