The PlayStation Classics: Persona 4

When you think of Persona, which was the installment that won you over? Which game left the greatest impact on your gaming life? While Persona 3 was absolutely critical, it is entirely possible that its successor was the one to get you hooked. Persona 4 was a masterful game. Not only that, but it was a PlayStation 2 game, received a PlayStation Vita version, and most importantly for the sakes of a column called “The PlayStation Classics,” was a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation 3!

Persona 4 Golden

Pursuing My True Self

Persona is a game about identity, finding your place in the world, and righting wrongs. Players follow a newcomer to the town of Inaba who is staying with his uncle and cousin for a year while his parents are away. However, after making a few friends, he discovers the ability to summon a Persona and head into the world that exists inside TVs. It falls to him and his newfound friends to head into this other realm to save people tossed in their before their shadows consume them.

How do you keep the shadows, their other selves, from doing that? You explore dungeons, fight turn-based battles against foes, and eventually reach the trapped person and the boss. The boss is, in each case, another side of themselves. Once they accept this possibly undesirable side, they gain their Persona, an ability to escape the realm, and a spot on the team.

persona 4 golden

Reach Out to the Truth

There are three ways to play Persona 4 right now. Two are basic, and one is enhanced. The standard version is the base game that was available for the PlayStation 2 and as a PlayStation 3 PS2 Classic. It’s great! You get to go to Inaba and solve the serial murders where people are chucked into TVs. It is absolutely worth playing.

But, if you have a PlayStation Vita, you should be playing Persona 4 Golden instead. This is the ultimate version of the game. Everything you saw in Persona 4? It’s here. So, what’s new? Well, a new heroine named Marie appears. She’s connected to a whole new storyline that adds on additional events after the ending. She’s a social link, but not a party member. You can get a scooter license, which means you can head to a new mall area. Adachi, your cop uncle’s partner, is a new social link. There is also an extended ending that gives a nice little epilogue and look at the future.

Persona 4 Golden

Like a Dream Come True

Persona 4 is just a fantastic game. It has a great story. It has characters you can care about. The original version is available on the PS2 and PS3. (The latter is $9.99 on PSN.) If you want an ultimate version, it is $19.99 for Persona 4 Golden on the Vita. Each one is 100% worth your time.

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