Get a ‘Free’ Fat Black Chocobo Mount in Final Fantasy XIV, Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon has a new deal tailored exclusively to Final Fantasy XIV players (or potential players, I suppose). Amazon is giving fans the chance to get ahold of the elusive Fat Black Cocobo mount, and it’s being given away for free! Well, it’s free with a purchase of $19.99 or higher. The deal lasts until July 1, 2019, so you better jump on this now!

The deal is supposedly good with any video game purchase that comes to at least $19.99. However, there is still a chance that a certain purchase may not necessarily entitle you to the DLC. While some games, like Kingdom Hearts III (to use a fellow Square Enix title), will display the deal on its store page, the only surefire way to ensure you get the DLC is through the checkout page. It may sound a tad confusing, but this post on the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit explains it pretty well.

Following an eligible purchase, you should expect the email containing the DLC code within two days of your order. You can read the terms of the deal over at Amazon.

It doesn’t appear as if this deal applies to preorders, however. So while you can buy Final Fantasy VII Remake at a discounted price, it won’t gift you with a Fat Black Chocobo, sadly. It does apply to Final Fantasy XIV time cards, however.

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Shadowbringers, will launch in less than a month. What better way to enter this next era than riding a Fat Black Chocobo? You can match your new Dancer class Viera with a new mount, if you so choose. If you’re curious about what this expansion will bring, be sure to read our hands-on preview, and our interview with producer Naoki Yoshida.

Will you be getting a Fat Black Chocobo for yourself? Let us know!

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