The PlayStation Classics: Mega Man Legends 2

Characters can make an impression on us, especially in certain circumstances. Heroes from our childhood stick with us, and we love them. Alternative versions of them can be even better, since it means there’s more freedom. New opportunities give us a chance to better appreciate people like Mega Man, who has had so many major appearances in all sorts of games.

Do you remember Mega Man Legends? Legends is that offshoot that plays like an adventure game with platformer elements, has an alternate version of Mega Man, and tells this story that has more of a personal touch? Everyone, from players to critics, loved it. Revolutionary was a good term for it. So, it’s very fortunate for us that both of the games are available as PlayStation Classics! Unchain yourself from a desk and free your mind for a little fun with Mega Man Legends 2. Come on over, sit with us, and let’s talk. Kick back and here why you should get this for your PS3, PSP, or Vita right now. Seriously.

mega man legends 2

The Mother Lode Again!

Although Mega Man Legends was a fun ride, it left a lot of stuff unresolved. Nobody found the Mother Lode and Roll’s parents were still missing. Things kick up much quicker in Mega Man Legends 2. Here, things begin with Roll’s mother almost immediately reappearing with a warning, another possible Mother Lode location, and Professor Caskett and his friend crashing onto Forbidden Island. Only Mega Man and Roll seem like they can help, so the two head out to save the day. Along the way, we get to learn more about Mega Man and the world’s past.

I mean, eventually, it all leads to another cliffhanger. Which might not be resolved, due to Mega Man Legends 3 being canceled. This is of course super sad. But, well, at least we have these two games and get some resolution?

mega man legends 2

Bigger and Better

Mega Man Legends 2 is a case of making sure something is better the second time around. The first entry in this series was absolutely great. But everything that happens here is so much better in so many ways.

The story is a really big example. We know that Mega Man has amnesia and his monkey friend, Data, holds his greatest secrets. We know Roll’s parents are missing. There’s this big Macguffin. But, it isn’t until Mega Man Legends 2 that things start resolving. We don’t start learning more about the worlds of Terra and even Elysium. There’s this additional depth here.

So many gameplay elements were improved, too! Mega Man has different kind of equipment, like helmets and shoes, to help him out. You also don’t have to keep working on your Life Shield. The lock-on system is better, providing more information with your crosshairs and letting you move while locked on (this is a big help for boss fights). The license system even makes more sense, as improving your worth as a Digger makes Reaverbots more formidable, gets them to drop more rewards, and means you can visit more islands and explore new ruins.

mega man legends 2

The Last Legend

Mega Man Legends 2 is a game people should play. If you like Mega Man, do it to see another take on the character. If you like 3D adventures from the PlayStation era, this is a great one. If you like stories about worlds with secret pasts to explore, go for it. It’s $9.99 on the PlayStation Store for the PS3, PSP, and Vita.

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