Internet Issue Results in Discord Outage Affecting Millions of Users

Earlier this morning, Discord, the incredibly popular online chat service, began experiencing widespread issues. The problem has reportedly affected millions of the service’s users worldwide. Verizon was responsible for the outage, though details have yet to come from the company’s PR. The problem impacted a variety of other web services. For instance, the likes of Crunchyroll and Feedly, along with several others that depend on Cloudflare, took a hit as well. For now, they seem to be up and running normally, once more.

Discord experienced issues for its own reasons, apparently. A statement from the company noted that “Discord is affected by the general internet outage.” At the time of writing, Discord’s Status page suggests an issue has already been identified. Reportedly, a “fix is being implemented.” What specifically the trouble is and how long the fix will take remains to be seen.

As for Cloudflare, the company noted, “The network responsible for the route leak has now fixed the issue.” Many services, then, should begin to resume service soon.

When the outage initially hit, Discord tried to quickly dispel concerns. “Hang tight. Pet your cats,” advised one note on the service’s aforementioned status page. Since the internet hasn’t gone down in flames, it would seem many took the advice to heart. Cats everywhere may have received the attention they deserved. Hopefully, they’ll continue to receive love once Discord is back up and operating as normal.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been changed to reflect that Verizon, not Cloudflare, was responsible for the outage in question.

[Source: The Verge]