Moss’ Twilight Garden Expansion Finally Comes to Other Platforms, Including the PSVR

PlayStation 4 owners finally have a reason to return to the world of Moss. The Twilight Garden expansion has finally gotten a wide release, meaning it is playable everywhere Moss is playable. This includes the PlayStation VR! This new chapter is free for all Moss players, and is available right now.

Twilight Garden originally launched with the Oculus Quest release of Moss and was exclusive to the platform until now. Described as a “a complementary experience to the main game,” this new chapter will bring plenty for fans to fully immerse themselves in. In Twilight Garden, little hero Quill stumbles upon magical portals that takes her to the lush and vibrant Twilight Garden.

The Twilight Garden is unlike any world seen before in Moss, and players will surely have a good time discovering every nook and cranny of it. This strange new world will have plenty of challenges for Quill to overcome. However, doing so will provide her with a brand new armor set and gauntlet to equip. This armor will let Quill open new portals throughout the world, allowing her to access areas never before seen.

Quill will also get her hands on a new sword as well. This sword changes how Quill attacks, favoring fluid, directional attacks. It also allows Quill to charge the sword with a magical energy that can then be launched.

If you’ve already beaten Moss, this is the perfect excuse to jump back into this enchanting world. However, if you have yet to play Moss, well, what are you doing? Releasing on the PlayStation 4 (via PlayStation VR) in 2018, it has become one of the most critically-acclaimed titles on the platform. Our highly positive review called it “one of the most memorable and immersive VR adventures.” In addition, it won both Best Indie Game and Best VR Game during our 2018 Game of the Year Awards.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]